by Air

Our air freight department has all the certifications required by IATA and boasts an experienced team of professionals who process and manage all the documentation necessary for sending merchandise, monitoring and verifying its status at every stage.
We get fully involved in everything relating to our client’s shipments, overseeing every operation exhaustively. Our excellent infrastructure enables us to plan and organize exclusive cargo flights (from 1.5 to 110 tonnes) to any airport in the world.
Once the cargo has reached the destination airport, we make every effort to minimize the time it spends clearing customs and being delivered to its final destination.
We offer an excellent service that meets the needs of each individual client, particularly in terms of transit times and other solutions, and always at extremely competitive and advantageous rates.

by Air

by Land

One of our main strengths is having consolidated a high quality transport service that minimises delivery times thanks to our network of offices in all the main cities. This is borne out by our guaranteed regular overland transport service between the main European countries, including Eastern Europe.
Our well-structured distribution network and the collaboration of our representatives in different countries allow us to offer both full and consolidated cargo for imports and/or exports.
We also handle all kinds of documentation and offer expert advice on shipping and reception processes to ensure we fully meet our commitments to our clients.
Además, tramitamos todo tipo de documentación y ofrecemos el mejor asesoramiento en los procesos de expedición / recepción, cumpliendo así, con total garantía, los compromisos adquiridos con nuestros clientes.

by Sea

Our exhaustive knowledge of local markets and international expertise allows us to offer highly efficient and personalized maritime logistics and transport services.
Both our own and our representative’s offices in ports around the world facilitate the movement of any kind of maritime goods transport. We also undertake full tracking of shipments, offering our clients real-time information on the exact status of their consignments via our website.
We handle consolidated cargo, bulk shipments, complete containers, etc. to any port in the world. We also have a consolidated freight service from the different ports.
And last but not least, we coordinate shipments from other origins and destinations with the same quality of service that characterises all our operations.

Critical Time Services

The company also has a subsidiary dedicated to handling all kinds of extremely urgent transport to any destination in the world.
We put all our knowledge and resources at our clients’ disposal to provide real and effective solutions to their urgent transport needs.
Our team of professionals takes into account all the aspects and characteristics of each shipment to offer a personalized solution that meets your specific requirements.
We have access to aircraft and vehicles that offer a swift and efficient service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Global Yatch Transport

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